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2024 Camps - Read Until End!

- Registration Fees are non-refundable.

- We hope to see you this summer!

We still need LOTS of volunteers for both weeks, so please consider joining us. Even if you can't join us for a whole week, we'd happily accept your help in whatever capacity you can contribute, whether with setup, tear down, night security, or just a few days in between.

Because our camper numbers are limited based on our volunteer numbers, if we reach our limit for the number of campers, then priority will be given to campers attending with a volunteer.

All registered campers will be on a "wait list." Once we have a better idea of how many volunteers we have, we'll know how many campers we can accept. We'll start by moving all campers attending with a volunteer off the wait list and go from there. When this is complete, you'll receive an email to continue the application/payment process for your camper.

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We have used a new registration vendor in the last few years, so if you went to camp last year, use the same account you made last year to complete registration this year. If you were not at camp in the last few years, you will likely need to make a new account for this new vendor to register for camp this year

In order to register, you have to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or something similar—no Internet Explorer. Set up your account, then register. You may have to enter information more than once. 

If you do not complete the registration immediately, you will receive reminder emails about unfinished items.